Baby Safety Lock

«Baby Safety Lock» for home

Home is a place where we want to feel absolute safety. Notion of security becomes especially important at home when children appear and grow in the family. BSL Company has solved the problem of the "opened window" - potentially dangerous area for the curious child.

Window restrictors «Baby Safety Lock» are very easy to install and to use. Windows with window restrictors BSL installed on mean that the smallest members of the family are safe, and parents can easily ventilate the room. The lock restricts only the TURN function of the window sash leaving the TILT function active! Window restrictors BSL ensure complete safety at home, if they are installed on all active sashes at your home, since your children can open windows not only in their room but also any window in any room of your home.

«Baby Safety Lock» for the commercial usage

Security in public institutions is considered to be a mandatory measure.

  • Schools
  • Preschool education establishments
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Public institutions
  • Buildings of hotel facilities
  • Recreational and healthcare institutions

All these institutions include large amount of people of different ages, responsibility for the safety of which falls on the owners and managers of these institutions. Baby Safety Lock offers a functional solution to increase access control and security in commercial usage buildings.