Product installation

Even the best window manufactured from very good quality materials may fail to perform part of its technical features, if it is not properly installed or if inadequate, sub-standard installation materials are used. Truthfully, windows installed according to the installation rules provide excellent thermal and sound insulation, are comfortable and durable in operation.

During installation, we use only high quality packing foam, and choose their type taking into account the ambient temperature. Also, during installation, at the client's request, the product and the wall joints are sealed with waterproofing and diffuse bands, which improve the window seal. Our products can be installed within or outside the opening (to the thermal insulation material of the external wall) on special dedicated mounting components (metal or fiberglass). We choose gaskets and insulation specifically for your project, according to the environmental humidity, wind strength and other criteria.

Our installers are professional and have the necessary experience in implementing complex projects. Installation work is supervised by a construction foreman. In apartment blocks and old remodelled homes we perform the opening finish from the inside. By using our installation services, you will get a comprehensive maintenance and a five-year warranty.