"Maxi" hinges

Over­view of features

  • Hinge pins made of har­dened, corro­sion-resi­s­tant steel
  • The hinge pin is proof against being sawn through as stan­dard
  • Increased bur­glar resi­s­tance, SKG-cer­ti­fied (two stars)
  • CE-cer­ti­fied according to EN 1935 in the highest hinge grade, can be used for doors in escape and rescue routes
  • Can con­tinuously with­stand high loads, tested up to hinge grade 14, 160 kg load-bea­ring capacity
  • Same dril­ling-hole pattern for GU G 816 F 100 and GU 812 F 100
  • A range of vari­ants available for narrow leaf or frame pro­files


Pro­duct features

  • Simple service-fri­endly one-man-installa­tion
  • 3D adjust­ment using only one tool, no need to unhinge or support the ele­ment
  • Simple installa­tion requi­ring only 1 drill bit size
  • Linear lateral adjust­ment
  • Har­dened secu­rity pin
  • Aluminium frame and leaf part
  • Stai­nless steel pins
  • Mai­n­tenance-free bea­ring system
  • Non-handed, exte­rior and inte­rior use
  • Leaf part height: 100 mm