Handles for windows and balcony doors

Beautifully matching colours of windows and doors is the expressive highlight to the facade. More than 30 colours and wood imitation options allow us to create a customized solution for everyone's taste and for any type of building. Colours will remain bright after many years of use.

In addition to special exclusive colours we also have a wide range of window and door handles from which you can easily choose the right colour and style.

We also offer an extremely secure window handle Secustic, with a burglar protection mechanism. The locking mechanism prevents the handle to be turned from the outside, and stops intruders. By turning the knob, spring pins lock in the special housing grooves. Every time they are locked you will hear a click. In the attempt to open the window from the outside, pins block the handle and breaking in becomes an impossible task.

All our windows opening into the interior are reinforced with German Siegenia hardware or Austrian Maco hardware. Windows opening to the outside are reinforced with Danish Ipa hardware.

Our hardware boasts the best quality in Europe and are tested and certified.