Product glazing is a very important aspect that has a direct impact on the overall product thermal conductivity, sound insulation, beauty, and even safety. Our insulating glass units are made entirely of high-quality, certified glass, supplied by manufacturers of glass – Saint-Gobain and Guardian. All glass units are filled with argon gas. Types of insulating glass units:

Heat insulating glass units (Thermo)

A group of 2-glass units including the insulating glass units produced using one heat-reflective glass panel. They are suitable for residential buildings with requirements for heating energy efficiency.

A group of 3-glass units including the insulating glass units which are made using two heat-reflecting glass panels. They are recommended for residential and public buildings, with extra high requirements for heating energy savings, and are particularly suitable for the construction of passive houses. A passive house is an energy-saving house, using 80 per cent less energy for its operation compared to most of the conventional European buildings.


Sound insulating glass units (Sound)

Sound is the group of insulating glass units produced from materials that improve the sound insulation function. Factors that improve the sound insulation of the insulating glass units:

  • Glass mass (the greater it is, the lower is the sound conduction);
  • Glass configuration (should be asymmetric by using different thickness glass);
  • Special glass (glass laminated with sound insulating film);
  • Usage of special gas in the insulating glass units;
  • Distance between the panes (the larger the better);
  • Glass frame joining material (Swisspacer, TGI, aluminium).

Solar energy insulating glass units (Sun)

Sun is the group of insulating glass units that are made using glass that reduces solar energy conduction. It is transparent and tinted glass with modern multifunctional coatings in which the transmittance of solar radiation in insulating glass units is low.

It is the latest generation of insulating glass units, and with their abundance of characteristics they are best suitable for residential and public buildings where people live in comfortable conditions.

Safe insulating glass units (Safe)

Safe is the group of insulating glass units including the units made using safety glass. Safety glass is laminated, toughened, reinforced glass or fire glass.

These insulating glass units are recommended for buildings or structures with the requirements for protection from injury or burglary.