Veka Alphaline 90 MD

Veka Alphaline 90 MD is the warmest profile system we have to offer, best suited in the construction of passive houses and for clients willing to invest in the future, to experience lower costs for heating of the building and to live comfortably. Window frame thickness in this system is 90 mm, which makes it possible to use insulating glass units of up to 50 mm thick and improve the windows thermal performance. The thermal protection material filling built-in the frame chamber preserves against its freezing. The central seal over the inner contour seals the inner chamber located between the window frame and the sash, and thus prevents the ingress of moisture in it, which reduces the corrosion of fittings.

This system is a favourite of clients building new houses because of the good thermal properties, high sealing characteristics and a wide choice of colours to fulfil the ideas of architects or designers so that it is possible to produce windows with different interior and exterior colours.

The profile is made in Germany, only from primary raw material. It is worth considering the classic design of windows: gently rounded shapes are perfect for different styles of buildings – both new buildings of modern architecture and renovated old houses.

Technical specification:

  1. 90 mm width, 6 chamber system;
  2. The exterior chamber of the frame is additionally insulated with a liner made of polystyrene;
  3. Profile wall thickness, class A;
  4. Galvanised metal reinforcement;
  5. Fixing of three replaceable sealing gaskets between the frame and the window leaf;
  6. Window frame and sash heat transfer coefficient Uf = 1.0 W/m2K.
  7. Heat transfer coefficient can be up to Uw = 0.69  W/m2K;
  8. Glazed with 44 mm; 48 mm or 50 mm thick insulating glass units (three panes);
  9. Spaces between the panes are filled with argon gas;
  10. When choosing a special sound insulating glazing, you can achieve up to 48 dB sound insulation;
  11. Mechanical strength, heat transfer coefficient, air leakage and other data are verified with the EU declaration of conformity.

The profile is adapted to different climate zones, and to changing seasons and temperatures. Colours are rich and long-lasting, maintenance-free. Due to these unique properties of the profile and of the insulating glass units, we can provide a reliable, durable and particularly good product featuring German quality.